Hotel RedЯum

Inspired by The Binding of Issac, Enter the Gungeon, and 1980’s hit film The Shining.

To Play

WebGL        Windows       Mac      

SHA-256 File
d10af533b4fcd5f64c57616c2543b7d1a54667ab7e6bdfaec1efb416f5918c16 RedRum-EXE.zip
2ab8aeb2fa372cf808242a825e919c8d8c0572b8eb081e0054e5c5ab9b4b68bf RedRumMac.zip

Development Staff

Jayden Stipek
Jeffrey Murray Jr
Christopher O’Keefe
Andy Tran
Cole Liu


When Casper begins an ordinary day as a bellhop, he finds himself trapped on the top floor of Hotel RedЯum, and must find a way out. Each level is randomly generated path for the user to traverse his/her way through each level. Each floor consists of incremental sizes, and increased number of creatures that spawn in each room. There are some secret treasure embedded in this game.


Hotel RedRum is a randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements. An interesting mix of The Binding of Issac and Enter the Gungeon, where on his journey players will find bizarre items, weapons, and enemies that will determine if he will survive.

Contributed Features

  • Main Menu with volume control and Item Description
  • Player Statistics
    • Shadow player with global stats
  • Random Map Generation (4x4, 5x5, 6x6)
  • Cache System to save items in room.
    • Hidden/Shown variable based on room index